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Hello! My nickname's Poppy, and I'm the manager of a webcomic called "Reaper's Storm"!
Feel free to message me! Don't be shy ^^
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Looking for digital artists to help make a webcomic!

NOTE: If you don't think your art style fits our needs but wanna help, message me anyways! You'd be surprised what you can help with.

Hello! I've been working on a webcomic for quite some time now... or the story of it, at least.

Y'see, I can write the story, I can (Kinda) draw, I can storyboard, and I can sort of visualize them...

But the only reliable attribute is writing, which is why I need people more prominent in those fields to help!

Regardless, I have the entire story planned, so if any of you wanna help me and be part of the Reaper's Storm team, here's what we need!

  1. People who can draw backgrounds, backdrops, interiors... that kind of stuff! We're looking for a semi-realistic style, with a bit of cartoon mixed in. Anime art styles are a good example!
  2. People who can draw characters over backdrops and interiors drawn by other artists! Here, C-3's page has a good reference image for the style we're going for: look at it here
  3. People who can draw character reference sheets! Preferably in the character style listed above, but other styles for reference sheets are acceptable within reason! After all, it's just to give artists an idea of what the character looks like.

Check out our website to get a better idea of what the comic is about!

If you wanna help, PM me here, or head to our Discord server! I'll direct you there eventually either way, but some people prefer to PM me first to get the jist of things, and that's 100% fine!

If profits arise, they'll be put towards everyone involved, but as of this very moment, this is purely a passion project... I hope you understand-

Production is pretty mellow, so if you decide to help, don't worry about having to do a whole lot! Or anything at all, you're doing this for free, who am I to tell you what to do!


Latest News


I won't be posting much in terms of news here, most news goes directly to our Discord server... will that change? Maybe-

But anyways, we've finally hit a point where we can comfortable crawl towards production. We've gotten the first panel done, but after our background artist left, we've been directing our efforts elsewhere until we can find a good solution to staff appearing and disappearing (A major downside of the whole "Passion project" setup...)

An obvious solution is to start paying people, but I'm only 16, and I'm not the best at deciding what would be a fair amount anyways-

So until I work out my little money problem, we'll have to tough it out, cuz this is how we chose to do it :3

Anyways, I wanted to just pop in to remind y'all that this project exists still, and until I announce otherwise on here, you're safe to assume that it's still in production! PM me for anything involving it, whether it be potential cross-overs, asking about usage, wanting to help the project, giving fanart... anything!

Thanks for reading!

Love you all <3